Rainbow Swimwear for Pride 2020 by Smithers Mens Swimwear

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Embodying the spectrum of colours and their deeper meaning, the iconic LGBTQ+ rainbow flag is the source of inspiration for the “Rebound” print by Smithers.

Nobody could have predicted the suffering and sadness endured by the world in 2020, but armed with the mission to “brighten the vibe”, Smithers is spreading hope and optimism with their bold and powerful print, Rebound.

Fittingly named “Rebound” the design provokes a sense of resilience and a forward focused approach. The pandemic together with the Black Lives Matter movement has provided an opportunity to broaden our thinking, reflect on our values, and to recalibrate. Thinking beyond COVID—19 and the battles for justice, how can we as individuals ‘bounce back’ and rebound better than we once were?

The Stonewall Riots of 1969 were pivotal for the LGBTQ+ movement. And although the fight for equality remains constant we owe it to each other to celebrate how far we’ve come and the gains that have been made. Every June for Pride month, people around the world gather to celebrate the power of inclusion and that perspective resonates more than ever right now.

The Rebound print by Smithers is a vehicle to help colour the world with life, healing, spirit, and peace.

Limited to just a handful of garments, the Rebound print will be on sale for the month of June only.