Inspired By Greatness

Olympia is the latest range of swimwear for Smithers with the collection launching in time for the commencement of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

There are six new designs in the lineup for Olympia:

  1. Sydney
  2. Athens
  3. Beijing
  4. London
  5. Rio
  6. Tokyo

The Games have always meant a lot to me personally, having been fortunate enough to attend the past five Summer Olympics/Paralympics hence the name of each new print with Tokyo being the sixth addition. This four year international event is sentimental not just for me, but for many which is why Olympia will show elements of reflection but also re-emergence as the world recovers and begins to flourish again beyond the pandemic.

The Olympic flag is a symbolic emblem that spurred the visual creativity for Olympia. The interlocking rings depicted on the Olympic flag represent the five continents that took part in the Games of 1920 where the flag was first flown. Better still, the individual flags of each nation competing could be made up from the five coloured rings and white background. Smithers has adopted this notion for Olympia using the same colour palette and underpinning themes of unification and celebration.

The Olympics are truly unlike anything else on earth. Watching the world peacefully come together in times of difficulty and uncertainty is something that is unique to the Olympic Games.

Watching the emotions flood over an athlete's face after their lifetime of hard work has paid off is pure and it's priceless. It's the discipline, focus, dedication and resilience that make the Olympics inspiring to all who watch them. From a design perspective, I've allowed myself to be swept up by these emotions and sentiments of the Olympics to create something vibrant and optimistic.

Let the Games begin!