Sand Resistant Towels

Enjoy the beach without bringing it home with you. Sunbaking and soft sand beaches are synonymous with Australia and hailing from Bondi, we know all too well the experience of sand ending up everywhere from your togs and the car to your home and even in your phone! This is where our revolutionary SansSand™  towels come into effect. 

The Smithers sand resistant beach towels are handmade here in Australia using our signature SansSand purpose-built material to keep the sand away and the water at bay.

How? Well, we use an antimicrobial fabric that is moisture-wicking and contains fibres that are super, super fine therefore preventing sand from being collected within those fibres. If you pay careful attention to a standard beach towel, you'll notice the material is made from looped fibres — this is what traps sand. This is what you don't want!

Your Smithers towel will also dry rapidly which is perfect if you're at the beach for a good time and not a long time. You'll see small grid-like shapes on your towel and this creates a friction-less drying experience.

The innovation behind SansSand™ fabric is geared to absorb much larger quantities of water than as opposed to a regular beach towel.

And the silver lining (literally!!), our towels have fine silver strands woven into the fabric. Silver naturally prevents the growth of bacteria, breaking it down before it’s able to reproduce. This keeps your skin healthy and prevents the spread of germs, very much on trend with the 2020s! 

The Smithers sand resistant towels are lightweight and ordinarily thinner than a
regular beach towel making them easy to roll or fold for carrying. Plus, they're also made from recycled materials swept up in our oceans so you can feel good as well as dry when using your Smithers towel.

Sand Free - Watch the sand fall right off

Antimicrobial - No harmful bacteria or unpleasant odours

Quick Dry - Dries in rapid time versus a traditional beach towel

Ultra Absorbent - Holds double its weight in water

Travel Friendly - Small, compact and lightweight

Full Sized - 160 x 80cm (62 x 32 inches)

Hook - For ease of hanging in between uses