Smithers mens swimwear store is officially live. Mens swimwear briefs and swim trunks all available.

Welcome to Smithers!

Smithers is a premium men's swimwear label made right here in Australia.

Our approach to men's swimwear is one of style and sophistication with our debut "Foundations" range representing the essential features that you'll find in the modern day gentleman. For our initial collection, we've adopted a theme of characteristics that reflect the makings of our desired customers; integrity, empathetic, modest, loyal, respectful and gratitude.

Raise your level of sophistication - nothing would make us happier than to see the above traits flaunt the beaches, pools, and resorts of the world.

We'd love for you to follow our journey on social media where we can continue to grow and learn more about one another. 




If you have any feedback or would like to speak with us, please leave your details in a message via the contact page and we'll be in touch with you.


The Smithers team.