SMITHERS World Pride

Sydney World Pride

As we prepare to plunge ourselves into another colourful Sydney Mardi Gras season, this year is a little bit different, for the first time ever, World Pride will take place in the southern hemisphere. It’s like the Olympics for queer festivities and Sydney is playing host!

Of course, Smithers is proudly made right here in the Harbour city of Sydney so in honour of this illustrious event, Smithers is pleased to introduce not one, not two, but three new Pride prints for 2023;

  1. Fever

  2. Flare

  3. Pulsate

Every year, we put our creative minds to work to design a limited-edition Pride print, but this year is extra special, so we're giving you exactly that; EXTRA! The 2023 Smithers Pride capsule as a whole is a love letter to the world that celebrates everything we love about Sydney, Australia, and the diversity and vigour of the queer community around the world.

Why does Smithers choose to celebrate Pride and Mardi Gras? Because a large part of the Smithers community identifies as LGBTQ+ including many of the people behind the scenes here at Smithers.

Being queer doesn’t define who we are, but it does help form and develop an identity. Each year when Pride rolls around, it’s an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be part of this colourful community and the role we play as gay people in this world. 

Pride is a love story and a story we love to share. At Smithers, we're fortunate to have the platform to tell our narrative through tangible products and visual media. We strive to provide stylish swimwear options so that all men can be their most confident selves no matter who they are, where they go or what they do. That is why we are so excited to share a trio of new swimsuit designs for this year's Sydney World Pride celebration! Each of the designs has its own personality and character from subtle to eccentric. 

Sydney World Pride is sure to be a memorable experience and something we hope you join us in celebrating.

Elevate your style and elevate each other!