2023 men's swimwear, the Protagonist Series by Smithers swimwear is the hottest new collection of men's swimsuits

The Protagonist Series is an exploration of iconic prints and curated designs, chosen to lead you on a journey where you are the main character. Discover swimwear that celebrates life in the fast lane of the white-collar world and draws insight from a country upbringing.

Let the collection serve as inspiration as you tread your own path and craft your own narrative.

A clean suite of masculine designs traditionally reserved for the office have been transformed into five iconic Smithers prints, each available in two colourways which are influenced by the landscapes and environments I've been brought up in.






The designs for The Protagonist collection help build and strengthen the underlying character of Smithers. As a brand, our swimwear products are designed for modern-day gentlemen who appreciate quality and embody a subtle sense of sophistication. Not everything needs to shout 'look at me'. One bold statement is enough and this is the lens we use when we conceptualise each and every collection, more so than ever with The Protagonist series.

The white-collar aspects of The Protagonist series are demonstrated in the prints themselves with timeless patterns like Gingham, Houndstooth and Weave (our version of Twill) the prominent features. We've managed to effectively take the concept of business wear to swimwear!

When it comes to the palette for The Protagonist, I've adopted distinctive colours that have been present on my own journey as the protagonist navigating different towns, cities and communities. Most notable is Jacaranda purple which stems from the rural town of Grafton on the far north coast of New South Wales. I spent the best part of my younger years here and the Jacaranda flower festival is a famous event that is celebrated by thousands each year in October / November when the flowers are in full bloom.

Sky Blue and Viridian Green are symbolic of natural landscapes I've resided in such as Newcastle, Perth and Bondi. One particular host of colours that have been omitted from this collection are the likes of orange, rust and burnt ambers which are on reserve for a later collection. These colours are the influence of living in the outback town of Cobar with a population of fewer than 5,000 people. A very rugged and baron landscape that will certainly be brought to life in a later range, so keep an eye out in the future for a vibrant palette!

I hope you enjoy The Protagonist series as much as I enjoyed the creative process. Add functionality, visual interest and personality to your swimwear with our 2023 collection!

- Jake