Rhapsody | Pride 2024



Introducing the annual Pride swimsuit from Smithers Swimwear: Rhapsody.

Embrace the spirit of love, liberation, and exuberance with our limited edition design, crafted to celebrate the vibrancy of Pride. Rhapsody encapsulates the essence of freedom and passion, offering a symphony of colours and emotions that will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

Inspired by the euphoria of dance music, good times, and friendships, Rhapsody features a bold and dynamic pattern that harmonises geometric patterns with a spectrum of radiant colours. The sleek lines and modern silhouette embody confidence and sophistication, while the vibrant hues evoke a sense of joy and ecstasy.

Proudly made right here in Sydney with locally sourced materials and our one-of-a-kind fabric, Rhapsody offers unparalleled comfort and quality. whether you're lounging by the poolside at Ivy this Mardi Gras season or dancing up a storm down at the Bondi Beach Party. Dive into the Sydney Mardi Gras and Pride seasons with confidence, knowing that you're making a statement of inclusivity and acceptance.

Join us in spreading love and positivity with Rhapsody – the ultimate expression of Pride and freedom.

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